Early-years Provision in Children's Centres - EPICC STUDY

Posted on: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Two leading researchers from the University of Reading, Professor Lynne Murray (author of the award-winning books on early child development, 'The Social Baby', and 'The Psychology of Babies'), and Professor Peter Cooper (a Fellow of the British Academy), are working closely with thirteen Children's Centres in Reading on a study of child development. 

Led by Lynne Murray, the study is investigating how children attending Children's Centres develop, and how this is influenced by the type of activities taking place within these Centres.  Families of children aged 28-35 months have been invited to take part in the study.  This involves each child, along with their parent, meeting with a researcher from the University team on three occasions over a period of nine months, to find out how the children are developing. Taking part in this study is offering parents an exciting opportunity to find out more about how their child is developing, and the research will also help to plan future services for pre-school aged children in Reading and the rest of the UK.